Your website is your CRM

It makes sense to have your CRM run inside your website
You get a pixel-perfect view of what customers want,
plus more control over the user experience.

A CRM for WordPress


Looking for PauPress?

 Automate & build

Presspoint is a CRM for the 34M organizations worldwide that run on WordPress,
the world’s number one content management system. 

With email automation, e-commerce, opportunity management, events, and custom forms
all directly connected to a single integrated profile and a sophisticated query engine,
you can qualify leads, win sales and build relationships faster and easier.

How a Website CRM Works

howCRMworks_01Back-end CRM actions are powered by user activities on the front-end

howCRMworks_02Front-end content is powered by back-end CRM profile data

howCRMworks_03A powerful query engine brings it all together inside a single UI

No other CRM can do this, they just don’t have the data


WordPress Native

23% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress — that’s 72 million sites and counting — making WordPress the number one content management system in the world. We are proud to be one of the many companies providing reliable, enterprise-level functionality for the millions of businesses and other organizations who are now based on WordPress.

Presspoint is a 100% WordPress-native app, written to WordPress best practices,  tested to play well with others and ready to add to any WordPress site in literally two clicks.

Try it for yourself

Presspoint starts at $48 / month
with a 12 month subscription.

Unlike most CRMs, we do not charge per user/seat:
Every plan includes unlimited people, unlimited users,
and no data restrictions (it’s your data!)