PauPress is now Presspoint CRM


In October, 2014, we relaunched PauPress as Presspoint CRM.

Presspoint has an improved UI, more features, and better support, to meet the needs of million of nonprofits and small businesses who want to connect and interact with their customers and members through their WordPress websites.

In order to give the best support possible to the new platform, we have removed the free version of PauPress from the WordPress repository. Current PauPress Free users can continue to use the last version (v1.5.7) however there will be no updates or ongoing support. You will always be able to access the legacy forums from our Support page.

There is an easy migration path from PauPress to Presspoint for users who wish to move up to the new Presspoint.

Current PauPress Pro licenses transfer to Presspoint, and all current users have all been given a six month extension to smooth their transition to Presspoint.

If you are a current PauPress Pro user, please submit a support ticket for information on how to migrate your site.