We’re just about back to our regularly scheduled updates on a monthly basis. The goal is to push updates every two weeks, just as we did in the first year of the platform. In the meantime, July’s update is packed with the usual bug fixes and tweaks as well as some nice new features.

Field Library
When reviewing fields in the library, there are columns indicating if the field is public, included in reports or “sync.” It appears that you can edit them but you have to use bulk actions really. It’s confusing so, we’ve fixed that. Also, some of the fields in the field library were not editable – mostly the fields along the right-hand side of user profiles. We’ve lifted those restrictions in this release comprising the following fields:

  • ‘show_admin_bar_front’
  • ‘comment_shortcuts’
  • ‘rich_editing’
  • ‘admin_color’
  • ‘pp_contact’
  • ‘pp_rating’

Field Improvements
As for the fields themselves – we’ve added a nice little widget on each field detail to show which forms your field is currently displayed on and, for select and radio fields, now you can add a callback function to build your lists outside of Presspoint. Last but not least, we’ve added an HTML field, which a number of you have asked about to display anything from messages to video tutorials.

For awhile now we’ve been storing non-profile data on the history item created when a user submits a form. We’ve opened that up now to display the data within an editable form by an admin on the backend so you can adjust inputs after their submitted. To make this a bit more clear, we’ve split out forms from “logs” on this release so, expect that going forward you’ll have a special place to store all of your incoming data that’s not tied to private “logs.” This is just the beginning of a new and exciting direction with forms.

We’ve made some improvements to reporting on this release too. When viewing results from select lists you often received the database equivalent in the results – we’ve replaced that with the label to make it more friendly. As for financial reports, we’ve adjusted the overall price to include discounts for a more accurate representation of income. More to come on this as well in the next few releases. Lastly, exported column headers now more closely match your field labels and data returned during search so your data headers are much easier to read.

On the front end for those using our commerce functionality we’ve updated the theme output for the store to give you greater control over the display. On your store settings you can now choose the size image to display as well as which elements you show in the store. So if you just want to show the title and the price, you can do that easily.

For those using our Opportunities add-on, we’ve added the ability to archive opportunities from the main list view. In your settings were you define your various status terms, you can now select  “Archive” from the dropdown beside one or more status terms and they will be hidden by default from the list. Of course, you can easily filter for archived terms on that screen as well as search via User Reports.

For those using our Events add-on, we’ve fixed a few bugs as we prepare to do some more work this summer to bring you new features that we’ve been wanting to add for some time.

Database Updates
Per our promise, whenever we update the database, we let you know. To accommodate Discounts in reporting, we’ve updated all receipts with empty discount values to 0 so that something is preserved in the database and can be returned in the reporting. Additionally, we’ve changed the format of a few system default fields which will be automatically updated on this installation.

That should be it. Expect at least one more release before we move to 2.2 to coincide with WordPress’ coming 4.3 update.

As always, thank you for trusting us with your own operations!