The current release of 2.1.6 coincides with the release of WordPress 4.3 “Billie” and fixes a number of issues in the current 2.1 cycle. While a relatively small release, this is part of the groundwork for our upcoming 2.2 release that promises to deliver some substantial improvements to Presspoint overall.

Regarding this release, here are the changes you may expect to see:

Forms: We’ve updated the forms to completely omit hidden fields which improves the display of forms and prevents the possibility of a data leak. Email addresses are required for matching users when a form is set to update user information. Additionally, we’ve fixed a couple of bugs around form validation on both the front end and back end that will improve the user experience overall.

Exports: We’ve added some additional filters and defaults to exported actions so that the information returns captures the topline information for a particular action or field.

Password Resets: We’ve improved the way that password retrieval is handled so that the system remembers where the request was initiated from.

Email: Lastly, we’ve fixed a few issues with merge tags and email headers had crept in since the 2.1.5 update where we re-architected how emails are processed within the post edit screens.

So that’s about it for now. 2.2 is on the way and with it we’re expecting to release recurring payments, an action builder, significant form and email improvements and much more.