The current release of 2.1.7 (now coincides with the release of WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” (and the released security version 4.4.1) and is an important security release that fixes vulnerabilities in Presspoint and WordPress. While the main focus is stability and security, there are still quite a few welcome changes as we work towards our upcoming 2.2 release that promises to deliver some substantial improvements to Presspoint overall.

Regarding this release, here are the changes you may expect to see:

Directories: For the longest time the only view you had of public directories was the default table view. Now you can create “mini profiles” – miniature public profiles in the profile section that allow you to layout each profile like a card – including adding avatars and columns.

Exports: We’ve continued to improve exports and in this version we’ve defaulted addresses to be more readable in the export file.

Fixes: Lastly, we’ve fixed a ton of bugs as we gear up to make a solid push for 2.2.