Presspoint 2.1 is ready for installation and represents a few things of significance:

Beginning with this release all of our products will carry the same version number. We’re doing this for a number of reasons but the primary reason is that it best reflects what the product has evolved into – a consolidated engagement platform built on WordPress.

With this release we’re also looking to maintain point releases alongside WordPress core with bridge releases every few weeks. This will make our updates more predictable and encourage better feature development going forward.

2.1 Release Details:

Profiles: In this release we’ve created the concept of micro profiles – portable displays of profile data that you can use for profile badges, modified directories or just about anything you would like to create. To create a micro profile, simply create a new profile form and choose “show” as the action. To display it, use the shortcode or the function pp_micro_profile() and pass the form ID as ‘form’ and the user ID as ‘user’. Additionally, we enabled some additional controls to remove the logout and the entire header from the public profile – you’ll find these settings under the “Public Profile” link within the “Public Settings” section of your Presspoint dashboard.

Fields: For this release we’ve enabled variable layouts for form blocks so you can now choose varying widths for your columns. Additionally, we’ve added a range search for date fields under User Reports and we’ve improved the “view” state for all fields but especially for Address Groups.

Forms: We’ve improved the responsive nature of all forms both on site and in the admin area – so expect much better mobile performance. We’ve also added the ability to add some additional spam prevention to forms by way of a logic puzzle – the AJAX submission of forms naturally offers some spam protection but this adds another layer.

Email: We’ve fixed a number of small issues related to email overall (more to come very soon) but the best enhancement is the email functionality you can add to posts, pages and custom post types. Now that interface is completely self-contained so that you can send an email regardless of the post status and, you can resend it as often as you like without having to re-save the post.

General: A lot of bug fixes and minor features were added in this version. You’ll notice things like the maps implementation will now auto-center based on the total number of markers shown and user directories play a bit nicer with the local content. On the opportunities side of things we’ve added some filtering and better sort options to the main listing of opportunities in the system.

What’s Next?

We have a bunch of commerce updates planned in the next cycle as well as some additions to fields and further refinements to the Presspoint UI. We’re also expecting to ship changes in the events area as well.

Until then, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.