The first public update in the 3.0 cycle contains the following enhancements and fixes:

The Dashboard now contains the first default widgets to help you track your users and perform quick searches more effectively. As the 3.0 cycle continues, we’ll add more widgets as well as the ability to create your own.

Import All Actions
The import process has been overhauled to allow for importing of all actions in the system. This is the first of several cycles where we’ll be enhancing imports with planned upgrades including the ability to set import templates.

Profile Card Formatting
Profile cards are really useful ways to display a small amount of information about a user in a directory or anywhere else you would like (eg. at the bottom of the user’s content). With the upgrade, you can now set additional options like where the card should link to, what it should like (with custom css classes) and how it should open (on-page or in a modal window).

Directory Enhancements
Directories have always been a useful component of Presspoint’s functionality but as we’ve come to hear, directories can be both visual and operational. As part of the 3.0 cycle we’ll continue to extend the abilities of Directories. In this update, we’ve added the ability to completely remove any pagination or search features to enhance the ability to display directories visually in conjunction with Profile Cards.

Notes Upgrade
The default note functionality in Presspoint is now a custom action that you can extend however you choose. Before, the types of notes was a useful but un-editable list. Instead of providing a UI to simply edit that list, we converted the entire action over to an editable action that allows you to extend notes or, strip it down to a simply textarea.

Fixes and Minor Improvements
Additionally, we fixed  a number of minor bugs and performed a handful of minor updates, not the least of which are:

  • Clarify saved search permissions
  • Improve speed in making relations
  • Fix downloadable items date handling
  • Improve presentation of bulk email editor
  • Fix url issue when avatars are not displayed
  • Search speed improvements
  • Presentation of shipping options
  • Extend checkbox field to display links to terms & conditions