The second public update in the 3.0 cycle contains the following enhancements and fixes:

Adding Contacts
We’ve begun to enhance some of the basic usage patterns in Presspoint and we finally made the “Add Contact” (Presspoint Menu) and the “New User” (WordPress Admin bar Menu) links active modal implementations of the quick search/quick add functionality. Furthermore, the Dashboard Quick Search has been updated to allow you to easily add users from the dashboard as well.

Import Improvements Continue
As part of our overall push to improve imports, we’ve made importing actions even easier by showing field previews before uploading a file and improving general visibility of fields while importing. Further, we’ve also included the ability to import multiple relationships and even add related users on import rather than requiring that they first existed in the database. Again, there is much more planned for the coming weeks.

Relationship Enhancements
Besides being able to auto-create new relationships and add multiple relationships on imports, we improved the visibility of reciprocity on the relationships in the profile so, now it’s more obvious what type of relationship you are viewing. Additionally, we improved the information around the settings so that it’s more clear how reciprocity works and how you manage relationships types.

Theme Compatibility
Presspoint has always aspired to be turnkey for both site owners and developers alike. However, the world of WordPress themes is unpredictable at best. Over the course of this upgrade period we’ve assisted several sites in working with challenging themes and as a result we’ve implemented new functions and settings to let you set the level at which Presspoint writes it reserved endpoints into your theme. For example, when you implement the following url your_site.com/paupress/cart you should see the cart display. For some themes this challenging for a host of reasons. Generally, by setting Presspoint’s “template redirect” preference higher, you can fine-tune how these displays are introduced, thereby increasing theme support. That said, we always encourage you to send us a support request if you are not finding the expected results.

Fixes and Minor Improvements
Additionally, we fixed  a number of minor bugs and performed a handful of minor updates, not the least of which are:

  • Fixed rich text editor displays on the front end
  • Refined checkbox parameters when not adding terms and conditions links
  • Improved outputs of Google Maps
  • Improved update password and username protocols on front end of site
  • Correctly redirected Admin Bar profile links for non-admin users
  • Fixed issue with files uploaded to draft form submissions
  • Shuffled hierarchy of included files in admin and on front end
  • CSS conflicts on modal windows and autocompletes