This release carries some important upgrades and enhancements and all 3.0 subscribers are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Usernames and Passwords
When non-admins update their username and password Presspoint will now automatically force a refresh of credentials, logging the user out and requesting that they login again. Administrators updating account credentials will be unaffected. Further, by default Presspoint has automatically written the user_nicenames (eg. Author URL slugs) to follow the pattern of the name displayed for individuals and organizations. A new setting now allows you to choose which pattern is observed: the display name (Presspoint default) or the username (WordPress default). Choosing the latter will preserve expected patterns for sites that produce substantial content and wish to preserve existing author urls.

Presspoint Endpoints “Pages”
By default, Presspoint creates particular endpoints to handle the cart functionality along with login, logout and profile links. Further, optional endpoints are generated automatically for forms and other resources. Typically these urls appear with the virtual directory of ‘/paupress/’. In the past, these generated the default WordPress posts query and rendered either a long query string or the title of a blogpost for the page title. This release properly scopes the page title and minimizes the generated query to reduce system load and provide a better user experience for site visitors.

Google Maps API Key Option
Until recently, Google Maps’ APIs did not require an API Key to be included to display or geolocate addresses. With the new requirements, we have added an option to include a Google Maps API Key. Existing users with active maps are grandfathered into the new agreement without the need to acquire an API Key but it is advised that you do. We have created a support article on how to acquire a Google Maps API Key which can be found under the 3.0 Documents in Support.

Import Auto-Batching
In previous updates we’ve been steadily improving the abilities of the importer, adding the option to import all content through Presspoint. However, in 3.0.4 we have implemented auto-batching meaning, Presspoint will automatically batch your upload file and manage the server resources so that imports will not timeout, max out server memory, trigger auto-termination of the script and generally be gentler on your hosting environment. While it’s not completely in the background (you still have to leave the browser window open) it’s a vast improvement certainly and there’s still more improvements to come in future versions.

Transfer User Actions to Another User
Sometimes you end up with event registrations, receipts or some other user action that needs to be moved to another user. Now you can do that from the Reports area under the Operations tab. The transfer routine is child-object-aware so that any hierarchically related content is also transferred during the operation.

Force Donation Minimums
In the event that you are asking for donations and requiring a minimum amount be donated (for example, campaign premiums with physical products) you can now not only specify the default donation level to display – you can also set and force a minimum amount in the cart. There are more enhancements coming in this area and one nice one we neglected to point out is that you can now include an option on the cart for your site visitors to add a donation during checkout. This particular feature is enabled in your Commerce Settings under “Checkout” and includes the option to set some basic styling for the notice.

Minor Fixes and Updates
As usual there are the various updates and fixes summarized below:

  • Remove all admin notices from Presspoint pages
  • Fix “publicly available” breakpoints on directories
  • Resolve unnamed saved queries to “Unnamed Query”
  • Sort saved searches alphabetically
  • Fix double deletion notices on form builder
  • Centralize Presspoint files to a Presspoint directory in uploads
  • Fix Gift Certificate purchases to utilize endpoints
  • Add administration notice for deactivated automations
  • Fixes tax calculations on cart
  • Fixes cart layouts
  • Fixes email pattern recognition for new TLDs
  • Fixes saved search issues
  • Adds Relationships to Content Restrictions

As always, we hope this version offers something useful for you and thank you for using Presspoint!