3.0.5, while a point release, is a fairly light release in terms of features but all subscribers (especially those on 3.0.4 and are encouraged to update as soon as possible. There a number of significant fixes and updates that, while not critical, should be addressed by site owners through the upgrade.

Geographic Updates
As we continue to improve overall functionality, the Google Maps integration received additional updates to aid in the sustainability of geocoding and mapping.

Automation Updates
Presspoint’s automation engine is aware of the current site context and will auto-shutoff if it detects that the url has changed. This is a common scenario when using integrated staging evironments and is a critical component so that you are not duplicating your automation across multiple sites. This release has improved upon the auto-shutoff routines by including notifications and the option to accept multiple urls as input. You can locate these settings under “Automation” from your general Presspoint settings screen.

Payment Plans
We updated payment plans to allow for the option to not send any notifications for upcoming payments or successful/failed payments.

General Cart Updates
This release included improvements to the inventory tracking to better support endpoint usage for payment buttons and allows you to drag/drop sort your payment gateways.

We hope this release is useful and thank you, as always, for using Presspoint.