This release fixes a number of issues and offers some significant upgrades for the commerce component of Presspoint. Additionally, it lays the groundwork for some really great new user management features coming soon in 3.0.7.

Invoicing was introduced in 3.0 and while it’s been a useful way to generate receipt items from the administration area, there’s still much to be done. This release now allows you to set Income and Deposit dates as well as Check date and number as appropriate. Additionally, we’ve improved the UI of the cart experience and locked the cart after an invoice is paid. Much more is planned in the coming weeks.

Cart and Checkout
Along with the work done on invoices, this release saw a marked improvement to the basic design of the Cart system with streamlining of the cart on mobile and better support for the user experience. Additionally, you can now control the text styling of the “Add a Donation” option under cart settings.

Directories and Public Profiles
On the API side, we’ve begun to add filters that will allow developers to easily replace the profile cards and public profiles and create sustainable, custom views independent of the Presspoint layout engines.

General UI and UX
On the forms table and the profiles tables, we’ve added small enhancements to clarify which form is which. More to come in this area throughout 2017.

Bugs and Other Enhancements
We fixed about 20 bugs and issues in this release as well as ensuring Presspoint works seamlessly with the latest version of WordPress. Additionally, minor enhancements and fixes were added to Events and Opportunities.