In this release we focused on Reporting improvements as well as front-end presentation regarding Profiles and Directories.

Reporting & Operation Improvements
If you’ve ever had to import or export a large amount of data with Presspoint, you’ve no doubt had to “batch” your operation. As of right now, you no longer need to do that. Presspoint has a new built-in manager to automatically batch your imports and exports so that you can start the operation and walk away.

Speed Improvements
Presspoint is a big application and it will add “weight” to your site load. However, as we’ve grown we’ve also looked for ways to lessen the impact that Presspoint has on the overall site. With this version we’ve taken further steps to reduce load and processing time so, you should definitely see an improvement regarding speed and responsiveness.

Profile Management
Presspoint has always maintained a public view of profiles so that your users can have a public presence on your site – if this was something you chose to show. In the latest version, we’ve added a number of tools to enhance that option.

  • Frontend Presentations
    Now the filtering tools that you see on the history tab on the backend are available for users on the front end as well.
  • Personal Portfolios
    With the latest version, there’s a new option to add files to a personal portfolio allowing sites to display photo galleries (or document galleries) on public profiles. Under Profile Setup in Presspoint Settings, you’ll find the option which creates a new tab on the profile navigation.
  • Cover Images
    Cover images are most familiar on social media sites which allow for profiles to display a central image on a user’s profile page. Now, with Presspoint you can add a similar feature and allow your users to choose their own image to use.
  • Custom Public Layouts
    The most common request we receive for all Presspoint views is for the ability to use alternative layouts than the primary one Presspoint uses. We’ve certainly listened and with the latest version we’re responding with alternative layouts for profiles. Now, you’ll see the ability to override the entire display of a public profile with your own custom function for greater flexibility in design.
  • Profile Card Defaults
    We’ve added the ability to assign default profile cards to Individual and Organizational types so that when you are viewing maps you can choose the presentation of your info windows.

Directory Improvements
We’ve improved the CSS surrounding directories that use Profile Cards to display profile information and isolated search panel areas to improve layout and responsiveness into the future. In addition to that, we’ve laid the groundwork for vastly improving directories which we’ll see more of in the next release.

Commerce Improvements
We’ve continued to improve operations for commerce actions and this release contains several small but important updates. First, we’ve improved the display of language around shipping locations and cart processing buttons to improve presentation on mobile devices. Second, we updated the presentation and management of Presspoint’s gateways so that you can order them how you choose.

Invoicing Improvements
Invoicing continues to make substantial improvements. In this release, we’ve added the ability for an administrator to modify the price of an item without the need to process a discount. In addition, we’ve added significant security enhancements to ensure that invoices are properly ordered and scoped to the intended recipient. Over the next few releases we’ll continue to see improvements in this area.

General Improvements
As usual, there are many more smaller improvements and bug fixes. One item worthy of special mention is that when you are adding new contacts, the form focuses for quicker input. Small but we hope it makes your day easier!