On our way to 3.1, we’ve made some additional and substantial improvements to the 3.0 infrastructure and user experience. In this release:

New Fields
We’ve added a new field which allows you to capture a digital signature and store it against a form. The signature allows you to draw, edit and accept an actual signature on either a desktop or mobile application.

Field Updates
The Display Name Field has served as a great read-only view of a full user name regardless if the user is an individual or an organization. However, it was directly compiled from the formatted display name and limited to First Name and Last Name or Organization Name. In this update, you can build your own dynamic usernames for display to include additional fields. Obvious examples would be to add a prefix (eg. Mr.), a suffix (eg. Esq.), or a middle name but you can add whatever fields you like.

Automation Updates
Automation is the epicenter for recurring payments and comprehensive member management. Going forward, it will power even more actions throughout Presspoint. One of the challenges with maintaining automation with a distributed application like Presspoint is guarding against the eventuality when you copy your database over to a development environment to make updates or explore new features – you definitely don’t want automation running in two places at the same time as it would mean duplicate charges and emails being sent.

Previously our auto-off option was based on whitelisting of particular urls that automation was approved for but, with wildcard subdomains and other situations, this proved to be difficult to correctly maintain. Therefore, we’ve switched automation auto-off options to a blacklist where you specifically name the servers where automation should not run. Please keep in mind that with the update, the administrator of the site will receive an automation shut-off notice and you’ll simply need to turn automation back on and name any development environments you may use.

Renewal Updates
For auto-recurring payments we had launched Presspoint with a single “cancel payments” button intended to allow your members to easily cancel their payments as needed. However, after a lot of feedback, we decided to replace the cancel payment button with a checkbox that could be modified by an admin and then selected by the user. This allows more flexibility in handling terminations and notifications of terminations which we hope will increase retention and facilitate better data collection.

Checkout Options
When your users checkout on your site, you have always had the option to add additional profile fields. In 3.0 we allowed you to attach forms to the checkout process so that you had more flexibility with the presentation and management of fields depending on the type of items being purchased or donated to. In this latest update, we are extending that concept further such that when a form is added to an item and is processed at checkout, any autoresponders attached to the form are also sent to the purchaser. So, if you have detailed instructions for new members or a significant amount of information to transmit beyond the receipt, this is how you could do that.

Receipt Resends
An often-requested feature is the ability to resend receipts from Presspoint by visiting a user’s receipt stored on their account. In this release, we have begun deployment of this feature with many updates anticipated in the near future – namely the ability to send transcripts of recurring payment accounts and other items independently.

Reporting is an area of constant improvement and adjustment for Presspoint. In this release, we’ve added the ability to include relationships in your results so, if you were ever wanting to email the primary contacts of organizations in your database… now you can. Additionally, we’ve added other abilities to better search for fields attached to custom actions in Presspoint as well as improvements on performed operations like importing and exporting.

Speaking of relationships… in this release, we’ve made some significant modifications to the relationships UI and how types and capabilities are processed. Further, primary contacts now have more specific capabilities and navigational elements so it’s even easier to assign proxy permissions to a designated individual within the system.
Primary contact editing

As we’ve improved the system’s abilities to handle files and avatars, we’ve updated elements of the UI to better organize and display processing of uploads including offering the ability to upload multiple files based on settings that the site administrator can manipulate.

All-in-all, we hope this will be a useful release for everyone in at least one way if not all. We have a bit more planned before we move to 3.1 so, be on the lookout for another update soon.

As always, thank you for your trust and support of Presspoint!