As we approach 3.1, we’ve taken some time to overhaul pieces of the 3.0 infrastructure to continue to improve upon the user experience and operation of Presspoint. In this release:

Profile Improvements
Across all tabs, profiles on the front end of the site have been updated and improved. Sidebars have been optimized and several bugs have been resolved. Now, all tabs serve as endpoints so that you can provide links directly to a particular tab upon login, if you so wish.

Restricted Content
Content restrictions have improved with an added feature to enable an “excerpt” view that will allow you to display teaser content for a post or page using the WordPress “excerpt” field.

The import interface has been updated and documentation is current, which can be found under the 3.0 documentation. Export of actions and forms now include all data for the action and form.

Previously, refunds of items that were acquired with a zero value could not be refunded, which was problematic if you were offering limited tickets to an event and wanted Presspoint to manage the inventory. With the update you can now refund inventory independent of amount.

Credits in Presspoint Commerce now allow for full crediting of a transaction including tax and shipping charges. Further, all credits are reported as adjustments so are fully trackable regardless if you follow a cash-based or accrual-based accounting system.

Form Management
When choosing a form to add to a profile in Presspoint you now have the option to first choose which form you wish to add and then can follow a simple process to instantiate the form of your choosing.

Signups have generally followed the WordPress rules around new users. However, it made sense to move away from that and offer signups at the point of login or password recovery if it is to be allowed by a site administrator. Additionaly, you have the option now to select which signup form is used by editing the login form under “User Access” from the Presspoint Settings page.

Slideout Windows
3.0 introduced mobile-friendly slideout options which preserved much of the WordPress administrative components. We took this further in the recent updates to be fully fluid and controlled by the appropriate style and script declarations depending on where the user was.

Enhanced User Lookups
The HTML-enhanced lookups for “Add Contact” has been a highlight in 3.0 for many users and this was an often-requested upgrade that we are pleased to now offer!

Lastly, as usual there were many bug fixes in this latest version and we’re very excited to roll this out. Our roadmap has one more minor point release before we update to 3.1, which will kick off the 4.0 cycle that promises to take Presspoint even further. As always, your support is appreciated and your questions are welcome.