With the release of 3.3.1 we are making a concerted effort to improve documentation overall for Presspoint. To that end, the major improvements in this release are mentioned below but the “how-to” lies in the links to the accompanying support articles.

In this release, we updated the management screens for Directories to make them appear more like forms. Additionally, we extended the ability of directories to show either users or “actions” (aka post types) so now, if you want to show a searchable directory of your contacts/users OR a searchable directory of, say, your latest blog posts, pages or another custom post type, you absolutely can.

Custom Post Meta Data & Updated Content Submissions
Creating custom fields is a hallmark of Presspoint user profiles and Presspoint Actions – but what about the normal post types in WordPress? Now, you can collect data through custom fields on all post types and control how those fields appear when users submit content from the front end. More to come in this space as we go deeper into WordPress with Presspoint functionality.

New Form Features
Presspoint has harbored lots of hidden features in its forms but now we’re starting to make those more visible as we improve form features overall. Check out the ability to paginate forms, save draft versions, show pop-up forms and place your submit button wherever you like!

Offer Credits & Coupons as Membership Beneifts
Many users managing memberships with Presspoint are aware that you can add a coupon template to a recurring payment or, if you prefer, to any purchase in Presspoint. This is useful if you want to offer ongoing tangible benefits or, simply give a nice thank you gift for a particular purchase. But now we’ve extended this option to allow Credits to be chosen as well, which means that you can assign recurring credits to make purchases on your site for things like machine time in a maker-space or standing credits for a consultant’s time.

The Usual Fixes and Improvements
We continue to make investments in broad areas like email management and commerce processing. Additionally, over the course of the next few months, we’ll be deepening those commitments with substantial improvements in regards to automation and autonomy.