3.4.4 (September 24, 2018): 3.4.4 fixes several reported issues with the 3.4 general update and is recommended for all users of the 3.4 series as well as those who are ready to upgrade from the 3.3 series.

3.4.1 (August 20, 2018): 3.4.1 has been released to add some additional parameters for error reporting and stability improvements with the new MailChimp API and Reporting processes. All subscribers are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

We’ve re-written the MailChimp integration from the ground up to ensure that MailChimp works for you and ensures that the actions you take in the CRM are best optimised for easy segmentation and delivery of emails to your database.

If you are at all concerned that your database has gotten out of sync with MailChimp OR you just want to do some summer-cleaning (or winter-cleaning for those of you in the southern hemisphere) then follow these simple steps to sync up your database with MailChimp:

  1. Go to Reports and click Reset Search to ensure a fresh start.
  2. Then select “Subscribe to email updates,”  choose “No” as the value and click “Search” – this will return all those who are currently unsubscribed and is a good starting point.
  3. When the results display, select the “Edits” tab and pull up the same “Subscribe to email updates” and set the value to “no” and click “Edit” – this will batch-process all MailChimp subscribers to ensure that they are, in fact removed from your MailChimp list. You do not need to adjust the number of rows in your search to include them all on one page – Presspoint will handle each page of your report.
  4. When the process is done, go back to the Search tab and do the same thing for “Yes”.
  5. If you have results for “empty” – that’s up to you to decide if they should be “yes” or “no”

Forms & Fields
Our work to improve the way you build forms and what you can do with them is ongoing. In this installment, we’ve improved the ability to use paginated forms that can break up long forms and even allow your users to save a draft to be completed later.

We’ve continued to add both features and stability improvements to Commerce. In this installment we’ve included several new features:
— Enabled the ability to create waitlists when inventory is exhausted
— Improved the layout of receipts to provide more consistency and clarity
— Added ability to resend email receipts and print PDF receipts
— Enabled percentage calculations for installment payments to better facilitate the notion of “deposit” payments

Reporting and Operations
This is a major update for Reporting:
— Individual forms are now searchable and exportable so, if you’ve captured a survey group with a single form, you can easily search on every question in that form and export the results for offline analysis
— We’ve added the ability to bulk-edit both users and actions
— Now, all operations using a “polling” technique that ensures stability and an accurate account of how much time operations will take which means that there’s only one box to check when choosing a user and/or an action to include

Multiple “Authors”
If you’ve ever wanted to add a speaker or a venue to an event or, multiple authors to a blog post – you’ve always been able to do that but we just made it a lot better with the ability to add proxy posts – assign as many users to a content object as you want