Presspoint 3.5.9 is now available and all subscribers should apply this update. 3.5.9 lays the groundwork for the forthcoming enhancements to a more user-friendly email management experience and includes several maintenance updates.

3.5.9 implements a more robust unique key generator that anticipates possible future data collisions and updates relationship pairs to use the stronger key.

This release also updates Presspoint’s compatibility with PHP 7.2. If your host has not informed you already, PHP 5.6 and 7.1 are no longer officially supported and you may wish to inquire about updating to the latest version of PHP as soon as they are able to accommodate you.

Additional updates in this package introduces features to expire temporary files upon use and updating cleans up any files that have not been removed already.

We also included some enhancements to Payment Plans where there is more clarity around users making payments via direct links as well as listing the value of Payment Plans in reporting.

Finally, we have updated the license and owner notifications to be consistent with our public site for clarity.