The focus of Presspoint 3.5 was to ensure compatibility with WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg’s debut) and PHP 7.2 (previous versions are near their end-of-life status). Along the way, we released some great new features as well!

Events have been redesigned!
For those of you using Presspoint Events, you will receive an additional email update but for those who are not yet using Events – we completely redesigned Events to modernize the display and management of Events through Presspoint. Easily customize search using a drag-and-drop search form builder and more easily customize the display to suite your site look and feel.

Customized Profile URLs
If you don’t want your users logging in to /paupress/profile/332 now you can have them login to /paupress/profile/nancy-drew (assuming, of course, the user’s name is Nancy Drew). There is a new setting under Profile Setup that allows you to use named urls. In the coming year, there will be more options for navigating Presspoint urls we are happy to report.

Overhaul of Invoices and Waitlists
We’ve continued to improve Invoices (and now Waitlists) to make them easier to use and more streamlined. You can more easily create, send, print and complete invoices within Presspoint and if you have inventory items which are sold out, you can easily send users to a waitlist and convert those waitlisted into invoices.

Update to Financial Fields
One big feature now allows you to see how many receipts an item has generated right from the financials screen. We’ve also added the ability to send an autoresponder based on an item that is purchased or donated as well as an option to not send a receipt. While the option to not send a receipt may be curious, it makes sense when you are allowing users to complete a transaction with one-click – which we also added now with the AJAX to Checkout option.

Update to Recurring Payments, Credits and Coupons
We’ve substantially improved how Presspoint processes recurring and installment payments – from the initial creation through to ensuring that scheduled payments are on-time and verified. As for credits and coupons – we’ve made them clearer and more easily to understand from the checkout process through to redemption and reporting.

Update Reporting and Relationships
We’ve updated how reports look to make things easier to work with – from adding alternating color bands and borders to making reports scroll right-and-left to behave more like spreadsheets. As part of this effort, you will also note that when you return results that include relationships, you can more easily segment those relationships and see as well the data associated with each user.

Dozens of smaller updates to the API and, of course, bug fixes
Last but not least there were over a hundred smaller fixes and updates in this release to make sure Presspoint stays healthy and continues to move forward. As we look towards 2019 we are investing heavily in making sure that Presspoint’s UIs and documentation improves.

As always – thank you for trusting your endeavors to Presspoint. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have!