Presspoint 3.7 is a significant release providing key stability and enhancement for the following areas:

  1. Email. 3.6 was our first release of a native, comprehensive email platform which allows you now to create email templates, send them from Presspoint using any email gateway, and collect statistics in Presspoint (SendGrid only at present). This update provides a number of improvements and bug fixes which firmly take this out of Beta.
  2. Financials: Stripe. We have completed the transition to support the SCA fully and improve the user experience around Stripe payments as well as refinement to the management of payment plans.
  3. User Experience. We’ve made a lot of improvements overall to how forms and native Presspoint components (e.g., profiles, forms, cart, and directories) display. As we move towards 4.0, we’ll be investing a lot more in this area but, for now, we’re shoring up the foundation.

All subscribers are encouraged to update to take advantage of these improvements.