We’ve continued to improve the overall stability of the platform and this release improves the overall performance of reporting, sending communications and displaying elements like forms, quizzes, profiles, and directories on your site. Additionally, the following areas have seen significant improvements as well:


As of version 3.6 you can use Presspoint to build custom email templates and send single or bulk emails from within Presspoint without using MailChimp. This feature was built to help lower costs, give more flexibility in how you send email, and provide email statistics within Presspoint that are immediate and available to the reporting engine. This release continues to improve upon these features and now includes the ability to schedule emails and modify those schedules as needed.

Commerce and Stripe

Presspoint is now fully compatible with the SCA protocols and has upgraded the Stripe integration to ensure PCI compliance. In addition, we have updated the cart presentation to better adapt to your theme styling.


For those using our Events add-on, we have completely redesigned the calendar navigation tools so that events are more user friendly and you can easily extend your search features. We’ve also introduced the ability to set specific start and end times for each day within a multi-day event so that you can present events more clearly and naturally to your users.


For those using our Opportunities add-on, we’ve now made Opportunities available on the front end of the site so that agents can query, view, and edit opportunities without having to use the WordPress administration area. Furthermore, we’ve updated the Opportunities codebase to take full advantage of the speed and security features in PHP 7.3 and above.