3.9.6 is a major milestone for Presspoint with a number of feature enhancements and an ongoing effort to addresses changes occurring within WordPress as well. Update: small fixes to the new Relationship UI and additions of new processing methods for the status of refunds and credits.

Avatars: We’ve updated the avatar management to allow for a better user interface when uploading and selecting avatars – including the ability to crop images within the browser. Alongside that, the management process removes avatars from the file history and the editing UI so that managing avatars feels more streamlined like well-known platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Relationships: Relationships have always been a powerful (and complex) element of Presspoint and the process of creating relationships – especially with new users – was always meant to be “phase 1”. With 3.9.6 we’ve updated the UI for adding relationships to include the actual profile of the type of user you are creating and arranged the relationship parts to more clearly outline the options. As we move forward, we’ll extend those options to further streamline the process overall as we move into “phase 2.”

Email & SMS Processing: We continue to advance the APIs for processing messages with Presspoint, and this release is no different with dozens more optimizations and better error reporting. We’ve also extended the UI to enable sending of emails from the edit post screen using the new templating system. As we move towards 4.0, we’ll see a lot more flexibility and testing on the template side with continually increasing transparency into the management process within Presspoint.

Events: Events have seen more interface improvements, this time affecting the structure and display of calendared elements. We have officially brought our time reservation system into Beta which, when complete, will complete a full-range of event solutions for events, appointments, and reservations.