3.9.7 adds a number of feature enhancements and an ongoing effort to addresses changes occurring within WordPress as well.

Payment Plan Notices: We’ve updated the payment plan notification system to allow for multiple notices to be sent in advance of payments being processed. Not only can you now choose multiple emails to be sent at different times, you can now fully customize your payment plans so that they do not need to all go out at the exact number of days in advance of all payments.

Quick Contact Lookups: The quick contact option has traditionally always allowed lookups on names and emails in the system using radio buttons to make that selection. In this update, we have adjusted the radio buttons to be a select list, which allows for the addition of other lookup methods that can currently be added via the API.

Additional Directory Settings: Presspoint directories are powerful ways to display searchable user profiles or actions publicly on your site. As we continue to improve these directories, we have recently added new settings to customize the display including the option to remove the traditional summaries (e.g. x number of Users and x number of Actions). The new settings are all grouped together in the directory settings and are immediately applicable.

There is much more to come before the end of the year as we set our sites on 4.0 and some amazing new changes that we’re excited to reveal soon.