This is our first release since the spring and a lot has changed. In response to the pandemic, we brought on extra resources to make sure everyone had the support they needed to navigate change across business models and organizational shakeups.

From this experience, 3.9.1 has emerged, which contains many improvements that speak directly to where Presspoint is headed. The update also addresses changes occurring in WordPress with the release of WordPress 5.6 – therefore, you all are encouraged to update.

Alerts: Alerts have seen a big improvement over the UI, moving from an in-screen experience to a localized modal interface, which builds further into the utility modes of the slide-out panels. Improvements like this will begin rolling out more quickly in the coming releases.

Cart Improvements: In this release, we’ve completed many of the API operations that are paving the way for a broad range of new features which we are excited to roll out in 2021.

Email & SMS Processing: We have made substantial improvements in how messages are processed on the server to improve both delivery and reporting. Expect to see a renewed focus on reporting and design over the next year.

Events: Events have seen some interface improvements, especially in the structure and display of listed elements. Expect to see continued optimizations in the coming year.