PauPress is now Presspoint CRM


In October, 2014, we relaunched PauPress as Presspoint CRM.

Presspoint has an improved UI, more features, and better support, to meet the needs of nonprofits and small businesses who want to connect and interact with their customers and constituents through WordPress.

In order to give the best support possible while not interrupting current users, we removed the free version of PauPress from the WordPress repository. Current users can continue to use the last version (v1.5.7) however, there will be no updates or ongoing support of the 1.x version series. You will always be able to access the legacy documentation and your support tickets from the forums are still available via your profile history.

Current PauPress Pro licenses transfered to Presspoint, and all current users at that time were given a six month extension to evaluate and/or migrate their transition to Presspoint. Now that the extension period has passed for all previous licenses, prior license holders may still upgrade but the evaluation period is the same for all new subscribers to Presspoint.

Upgrading is pretty straightforward. You will simply need to:

  1. Request a new license key. We will email you a coupon code to download Presspoint.
  2. Upload Presspoint and install it on your site. Do not activate it right away.
  3. Deactivate PauPress and PauPress Pro if they are active on your site.
  4. Activate Presspoint – a migration routine will run to copy your data into the new architecture. you can now install your new license key.
  5. You may now delete the PauPress and PauPress Pro plugins.

If you are a current PauPress Pro user, you have a couple of options to try Presspoint:

  1. Try out a demo on our demo site. Sign up here.
  2. Install Presspoint on your site. You may use either a development site or your production site, though we recommend a development site.