Content + CRM

Why content matters to CRM, and vice versa

Companies interact with their customers online, but the data is trapped inside multiple services

The problem is each of those services holds only a part of each user’s history.

Because the data is smeared across multiple databases, it’s extremely challenging to see a complete picture of individual customers or cross reference behaviors to spot trends.

It’s inherently impossible to use data from one service to tailor another: Each service just doesn’t have the data.

Data management is not a profit center

It is possible to write integrations between all the services, but here are two problems.

1) It’s time consuming and expensive

2) Most people just don’t do it.

One customer told us he used to spend 45 minutes a week pulling a query from his user registrations into a CSV, then  uploading the list into his email service, mapping the same fields every week, and then cutting and pasting the content of his newsletter.

That is not a good use of time.


  • Companies are wasting resources on integrations or even worse, manually cut & paste lists between services
  • High risk of data sync issues
  • It’s expensive

Additional Features

  • Send an email to all the members of a Smart List directly from Presspoint
  • Build a customer call list and geocode it onto a map to plan your next sales tour
  • Restrict some pages to a specific Smart List
  • Make an online directory listing filtered by Smart List criteria

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