Current Version: 3.5.9

Transactional Emails

When you send out emails from Presspoint – whether they are receipts for purchases and donations, notifications from a form to the administrators or an email to reset a password, they are sent out using your hosting company’s email service.

What you may not know is that these emails are often limited to a very low rate and when they do go out they may be compromised and subject to “blacklisting” as spam. While regrettable, it’s very common.

To ensure that your emails are delivered, you should use a transactional email service which, much like MailChimp, works very hard to ensure that your emails are delivered and not sent to spam. For this service we highly recommend SendGrid because we’ve found them to be very reliable (we do not have an affiliate relationship with them).

Get Started

  1. Go to SendGrid and setup an account.
  2. Go to SMTP settings in Presspoint – you can get there by going to the main Settings page in Presspoint and going over to the Email section
  3. Enter in your details according to the screenshot below and then test the connection. Below the screenshot are some additional directions for your Security and Port settings.

Screen shot 2017-03-06 at 9.55.41 AM

Security: TLS
Typically TLS will work just fine and this should be your first try along with any one of the ports: 587, 25 or 2525. If one port does not work, try another one.

Security SSL
If TLS does not work, you can try SSL along with port: 465

Testing will send an email to you via the SendGrid network. If you receive notification that the email was sent after clicking the “test” button, then you should still verify that you can receive the email. But once you do, you’re good to go.

Icing on the cake
SendGrid not only guarantees your email the best chance to be received by your site visitors – they also provide statistics via their dashboard that show you if an email was sent, if the email was opened and, if they clicked on a link they will tell you that too. SendGrid is awesome!