Pre-Presspoint Event Subscribers

Hello *|FNAME|*,

PauPress (now Presspoint) is evolving quickly and this is an important email for you because you are using the PauPress Events add-on.

Please forgive our long silence. While we have not made any official announcements to current license holders beyond our licensing change last spring, PauPress 2.0 (now Presspoint) became publicly available in October of 2014 and we are currently in active refinement of the product.

Today we are releasing our first update of the Events add-on and you need to know that this release is not compatible with the prior version of PauPress (1.5.7). If you are not planning on upgrading to Presspoint you should not install the update, even though in your WordPress install it will be marked as Update Available.

If you would like to upgrade to Presspoint, please reach out to us for a special upgrade path for current PauPress customers. Once you have made the upgrade, you are, of course, welcome to install the updates for the Events add-on.

We are making this announcement today to only those license holders who are using the Events add-on so as to ensure that we can place the proper priority on your requests.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Frank and Tom