PauPress 1.5.3

This version is primarily a maintenance and bug fix for the e-commerce and e-mail applications. All those who are using these components are encouraged to update.

That said, this release does introduce a number of enhancements that have been requested and discussed on the forums and elsewhere:

Embedded Forms and E-commerce (Beta). You can now embed contact forms in your posts and pages. If you’re using the PauPress E-commerce engine, the cart and checkout can now appear on the page instead of the dropdown. We are terming this functionality as “beta” largely because the functionality isn’t exactly where we want it to be just yet but is certainly stable and tested.

To turn it on simply visit the PauPress menu option and on the “Panels” tab, check the option to embed your forms. To embed your forms, visit the “Forms” tab, select your form and grab the embed code.

Caveat. You cannot have more than one form on a single page at present as we are still using id attributes in our containing tags.

Important Theme Changes. If you’ve customized your panel system using the selector #paupanels-frame you will want to move them to the selector .pauf-frame as we are transitioning to classes for the panel system.

Form Styles. In anticipation of our next release cycle where we’ll be working primarily on forms and profiles, we went ahead and made it so that if you only want one column of fields in your forms, you need only place fields in the left-hand column while creating your forms and it will be rendered as such.

Direct Links. No matter if you’re using the dropdown panel system or the embedded option, you can now link directly to a form using a standard http request. To pick up the links to your forms, simply edit the form and grab the code.

Customize Default Usernames. A number of you have wondered about the auto-generated usernames in PauPress and asked if they could be something different than an unsightly string of text and underscores. While they do need to be randomized and unique down to the millisecond (for handling import scenarios) now you can choose to prepend them with a custom bit of text. To make this change, go to PauPress Options and click on the “Users” tab.

New E-commerce Preferences. If you’d rather not give people the option of logging in to an account during checkout, you can now disable that feature by visiting the PauPress Financial Options and choosing the “Cart” tab. While you’re there you can also what happens after someone completes a purchase – in the past the panels closed and reloaded the page but you can force the panels to stay open and have the user decide what to do next. Lastly, if you’d rather not have people submit a note or create a password during checkout, you can turn those off too on the “Fields” submenu in the “Cart” tab.

Content Restriction Options. If you’re restricting content to authorized users, you can now choose to add a “login” link for conveniently logging users in.

Better Access to Emails. If you have a bunch of test emails you’d like to delete or, might prefer sending emails from the standard WordPress interface, we’ve added access to the default e-mail post type as a part of the PauPress menu. This is the beginning of some more substantive changes for emails to come very soon.

Event Manager Updates. Our event manager turned 1.0 on this release now that it’s properly setup for translation, supports 24-hour clocks and a number of other small tweaks that make it more theme-friendly. If you didn’t know about the new “upcoming events” shortcode it looks like this <code>[pe_upcomings limit=””]</code> and you can drop it anywhere you like.