PauPress 1.5.4

New in PauPress 1.5.4

This release is the last 1.5 release, so we’re rounding out mail and financial functionality. While there are always more improvements we could do, it’s time to clear the way for some infrastructure development.

Cart Updates

New “Store” feature in front-end and back-end
PauPress now has an ecommerce Store user interface in the back-end.Once enabled, you will have a single location to create and manage items for purchase or donation. There is a corresponding front-end option to display all your items in a traditional store view. You can name your store whatever you like and you’ll find it at {}/{yourstorename}.

Other Cart Improvements

  • Replaced the payment buttons on the checkout form with more traditional radio buttons to eliminate some confusion at checkout
  • Added a “View Cart” default language for items added to cart
  • Introduced a Variation List view for variable purchases
  • Bug fix: PayPal Standard now sends out “Receipts” rather than “Invoices”

Search and Action Updates

We have added some nice features in User Reports.

Searching by relative dates allows for inside and outside ranges:

  • Return all actions from the last 3 days, use “<= 3 days before now”
  • Return all actions from before the last 3 days, use “>= 3 days before now”
  • Return all actions from exactly 3 days ago, use “= 3 days before now”

Also, on imports, you can now set your date format and include import notes per imported user (if you’re logging your imports).

Form Updates

In v1.5.3 we added the option to embed forms directly on the page rather than requiring you to use the Panel system at the top of the page. In 1.5.4 we’ve added some improvements:

  • You can now choose to not receive notifications if you don’t want them and also customize the experience around the incoming mail items.
  • In response to user requests, we eliminated a lot of unwanted styling and created a better framework for customizing forms further in the 1.6 cycle.

Database Update

The improvements in the variable purchases feature in 1.5.4 have required us to move some database fields around. This is a fairly small update and affects only those using Variable Purchases but, as always, you are encouraged to backup your data. Once complete, you will see a change under your individual purchase items in User Reports as well as your individual variations.

  • The variable ID is now the variation ID and not the variable name, which has been moved to a new field.
  • You will now see that variable names are organized in a hierarchical menu when creating or editing variations.

Again, these changes will occur automatically when you update.

Additional Enhancements in 1.5.4

  • Front end directory text searches now allow for partial matches
  • Geolocation errors have been moved to the System Log
  • Lots of small bug fixes

Welcome Tom Williams

We are very happy to announce that Tom Williams has joined the PauPress team.

Tom is a former PauPress customer with 15 years of marketing experience in technology & human services. He’ll be focused on new feature R&D and implementation optimization to make sure you’re getting the most possible out of your PauPress install.

With Tom on board, we can also expand our marketing services, to help you maximize your lead generation and content strategies. Say hi to tom by email and feel free to ask any marketing question you like. He loves it.