Presspoint 2.0.38

This update focused mainly on user profiles and forms but, as usual, we fixed a host of bugs and added tiny features across the entire application.

Now public contact forms can collect and (in the user history) display the additional data fields. We also added a better display and transmission of the data via email.

Front-facing profiles now have a tab API for adding additional screens and we improved the display. We also added an account screen for password and other preferences. Additionally, front-facing public profiles can now be customized according to your various user sub-types just like the standard, editable profile.

In general, you can now edit WordPress usernames, which has been an often-requested feature and we fixed several small bugs across the profile spectrum. Lastly, user histories were updated with a better styling to be more clear.

Directories also had several bug fixes applied and we added the ability to search within a radius of the user’s choosing