Presspoint 2.0 launches


WordPress-native CRM integrates front-end content and back-end sales tools


October 23, 2014, Portland, Ore — Presspoint, LLC today announced the availability of version 2.o its flagship CRM service, Presspoint. Presspoint is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service for the 3.8M businesses worldwide that run on WordPress, the world’s number one content management system.

Presspoint integrates several sales and marketing functions in a single service, reducing complexity, and making it easy for each function to leverage the others for a pixel-perfect view of customers and constituents.

With email automation, e-commerce, opportunity management, events, and custom forms all directly connected to a single integrated profile and a sophisticated query engine, Presspoint allows companies and nonprofits to can qualify leads, close opportunities and build relationships faster and easier.

“Your content should be powering your CRM, and your CRM should be powering your content,” says Presspoint co-founder Tom Williams. “How are you going to know what people are doing on your site, who’s worth calling right now, if content and sales aren’t fused at the hip?”

Most companies today interact with their customers online, but the data is trapped inside multiple services, and each of those services holds only a part of each user’s history. And while it’s extremely challenging to see a complete picture of individual customers or cross reference behaviors to spot trends, it’s inherently impossible to use details from one service to tailor another: each service just doesn’t have the connections.



Price and availability
Presspoint is sold as a SaaS (Software as a Service), starting at $55/month with a 12 month contract.  It is available today from


About Presspoint

Presspoint was born of necessity to solve a problem of content and lead generation.