• Presspoint is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which requires annual renewal.
  • Every plan includes unlimited people, unlimited users, and no data restrictions (it’s your data!)
  • Subscription includes online support and free updates during subscription period.

Core CRM

The core CRM functionality of Presspoint includes all of the below

  • Profile manager
  • Smart Lists
  • Form manager
  • Email integration
  • Directories
  • Content restriction
  • Commerce


The Events module is an optional Add-On that allows you to create events with ticket sales and host a calendar. Requires core CRM to function. 

  • Front end Calendar
  • Back-end calendar manager
  • Event geo-coding 

Opportunities management

The Opportunities module is an optional Add-On that allows you to define opportunities, then track them through the lifecycle of a sale. Opportunities can also be used by non-profits to track donations or grant applications.  Requires core CRM to function. 

  • Front end forms to auto-generate Opportunities
  • Back-end Opportunity manager
  • Agent restriction based on assigned Opportunities