Presspoint Product Tour

>A single integrated system for customer interaction online and offline

Presspoint integrates several sales and marketing functions in a single service, reducing complexity, and making it easy for each function to leverage the others for a pixel-perfect view of your customers and constituents.


A single integrated profile to really understand what your customers want


Manage sales from initial contact through qualification and close

Content restriction

Define who can see what based on profile & activity history


Integrated email campaigns & auto-responders. Never copy and paste again

User directories

A dynamically updated list of any user group, searchable and geo-coded


Create events with ticket sales, host a calendar, or manage sales appointments

Smart search

Create multi-layered queries on your users and their actions, then act!


On page, PCI-compliant shopping for physical or virtual items or donations

User accounts

Stop doing data entry: let your users update their own profiles