PCI-compliant commerce & donations without ever leaving your site 

Integrated ecommerce, ready for reporting

Presspoint Commerce adds a shopping cart, product variations, donations, inventory, virtual product downloads, shipping, tax and online payments to your site.

Every transaction is automatically saved to the user’s profile, or for new customers, the system automatically creates a new account in the CRM.

Buy now, buy anywhere

Unique to Presspoint, a “Buy Now” button can be added to any page, post, email, or download, or you can turn on a traditional Shop UI.

No matter where they click, customers never leave your website, so there is no disconcerting jump to an unfamiliar UI.

In the case of non-credit card orders, the download or shipment instruction is marked “Pending” until payment is marked as received on the backend.

PCI-compliant means secure

Though your users never leave your site, the actual credit card transaction is actually handled by Stripe, the web’s leading PCI-compliant payment gateway. Customer credit card data never touches your server, though as a best practice, Presspoint supports SSL.

PressPoint also supports PayPal, or you can enable cash, check, or invoice.




Donations vs. purchases

Presspoint supports both purchases and donations. You can ask for a specific donation, or allow users to give their own amount. You can sell a product and accept a donation in the same shopping cart, then Presspoint automatically splits them and emails out two different receipts for tax purposes.

Additional Features

  • Set how many times a virtual product can be downloaded or a coupon can be redeemed to protect against unauthorized link sharing
  • Issue credit card refunds, or just offer an online store credit
  • Create a Smart List of people who haven’t bought in a while, and send them an email with your latest offer
  • Report on sales revenue, payments due or items waiting to be shipped