profile_icon_contentRestrictionContent restriction

Manage access site-wide or page-by-page based on Smart List criteria

You say who. You say when.

Unique to PressPoint, you can use any field in your user profiles to control access to your content.

Select the page, and create a Smart List with the criteria needed to access the page: Only the people who meet the criteria at that exact moment can see the content.

Use-cases include registered-only areas, a Distributor extranet, a page of downloads for a specific customer or just locking down to your site to “need to know.”

Put up a paywall in seconds

Make access conditional on a profile variable like “Is a current customer” to easily build a paywall.

You can give different levels of access from totally invisible if you’re not logged in, to “Sorry you have to log in to see this” to “You can see the article, but you have to pay / register for the comments”

Additional Features

  • Add a local message when access is denied, or completely hide the page from view


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