Email campaigns

Never copy and paste an email list again

Bulk campaigns and transactional email, all from your Dashboard

Presspoint handles both auto-responders for forms and bulk email campaigns. Each message is tracked in Profile history, and integrates with Smart Lists to make recipient selection both easy and dynamic.


Never login to MailChimp again

With Presspoint, instead of running a SQL query then pasting a CSV into your mail provider’s UI,  you just write your content in WordPress, select your recipients from a Smart List and click send.

Presspoint talks directly to MailChimp via their API, handling list sync and unsubscribes automatically.  Once the email has sent, Presspoint receives a Campaign ID from MailChimp, and the email is saved as a History item in each person’s profile.


Additional Features

  • Use relative dates (like “the past 30 days”) in your Smart List definition so you can reuse the same List every month: only the people who meet the criteria today will get the email.
  • Presspoint automatically pulls your MailChimp templates for rich graphic options
  • Supports two way sync with MailChimp to catch unsubscribes from any source
  • Commerce and downloads also plug into email, with customized receipts sent automatically
  • Supports <MERGE> tags of any profile field.