Manage your sales pipeline from first request all the way to close

Work your pipeline systematically

Map your workflow with custom stages and custom fields (for example, “Do they have budget?), then assign an Agent to work the Opportunity through to close.  Managers can make revenue projections by estimated close, agent or territory or any other parameters or query by status or agent to identify roadblocks and star performers.

Let your customers start the conversation

An Agent can manually create an Opportunity or use a form mixing profile fields and non-profile fields so customers to start qualifying themselves before your sales team gets involved.

With both online and offline integrated in one queue, managers have a single view into their entire sales pipeline.

Sales opportunity or…

Opportunities can be used for grant management, sponsorships or just about systematic process that you need to track with your team. Just customize the status milestones and custom fields to match your workflow: no coding required.

You can make as many different opportunity templates as you like, each with its own fields and workflow.

Additional Features

  • Assign Opportunities to a specific Agent on your account
  • Limit Agents to be see only their Opportunities
  • Search on Opportunity parameters in Smart Search to report on pipeline status
  • Export as a CSV for financial analysis of revenue over time or by opportunity stage
  • Opportunity forms automatically create new user in your CRM, or appends the user profile for existing customers
  • Place the Opportunity forms anywhere you want on your site with shortcodes


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