Custom Profiles

A single integrated profile to really understand your users

Everything you need in one place

See everything that’s important to you with custom profile fields, plus a comprehensive History of your user interacting with your content and your team and any private files you or the user has uploaded to the account.

Then from same screen, send an email, add an opportunity, upload a file, add a comment or a note, or record a new sale or update the status of a pending transaction.

Customize your profiles to look just like your users

Add as many custom fields as you like to capture what’s important about your customers.

Field types include text, dropdown, checkbox, even custom taxonomies that can be applied to other post-types like pages, events  or products.

Multiple templates for multiple people

Different groups have different data points you want to track in your CRM. Hire data and commission rate makes sense for a distributor, but not for a customer.

Presspoint supports multiple profile templates, and you can switch which template is assigned to a user anytime. If two templates share a profile field (like name or email), then the data in the field will transfer seamlessly to the new template.

Thank you for not sharing

As an Admin, you see every field in the user’s profile. But if you’ve enabled User Accounts, you may not want the user to see everything you can see.  You can hide specific fields so only you or your team can see them.

Likewise, if you’re sharing your team’s profiles through a directory, you only want to share a subset of all fields. You can define distinct Public profiles that will only the fields you want to show publicly, with their own layout and labels and descriptions, but the same data powering both front and back end views.

Additional Features

  • Define one or more relationships with other Individuals or with Organizations,
  • Enable option to grant proxy edit rights.
  • Switch between two profile templates and all the data in the old fields will be there just as you left it.
  • Field library saves all profile fields in one place, ready for reuse across the site, but each Form can put its own label on the field even if it’s shared across different profile templates.
  • Profile fields can be used in any form across the site, with an option to update the user profile based or lock it down.


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