profile_icon_smartListsSmart Lists

Cross-reference every field in your database as a dynamic list

Everything, in real time

Smart lists are the heart of Presspoint. Search by any Profile field, then cross-reference commerce, events, opportunities, or just about anything in your database. Make a list on the fly to find a specific person or group of people, or build up complex queries and save for long-term reference across your business.

What do you mean dynamic?

People will fall in and out of Smart Lists as their status changes. Your website content & email lists will update automatically, no manual sorting required.

Lists can also be defined with relative dates, for example “Show me everyone on the system who hasn’t bought anything in the past 60 days”, allowing a rolling report of who is buying and who isn’t.

Additional Features

  • Send an email to all the members of a Smart List directly from Presspoint
  • Build a customer call list and geocode it onto a map to plan your next sales tour
  • Restrict some pages to a specific Smart List
  • Make an online directory listing filtered by Smart List criteria