User accounts

Your users want to tell you more about themselves

Let your users do the heavy lifting

Save significant customer service time by encouraging your users to update their own info. When you enable User Accounts, your users can login to your site and see their profile — or at least the parts you allow them to see. You can select which profile fields to show, and select on a per-field basis what is required or read-only.

Public profiles

In addition to the profile view you allow users to see of themselves, you can also enable public profiles. This is a super-subset of profile fields that is visible to anyone browsing the site. For example, you may only wish to show first name, picture and key interests.

Additional Features

  • Allow users to see some or all of their history tab from their account
  • Allow users to upload and download private files
  • Add a “Contact me” button to the public profile for visitors to contact the user via your site
  • Public profile has its own template, for complete profile display control
  • Give your Users veto control over what info is displayed on the public profile
  • User account pages can be customized through the API