profile_icon_userDirectoriesUser directories

A dynamically updated list of any user group

People power for your pages

Directories can be used for searching & displaying any user group: sales staff or distributors, current members or top contributors, your network of freelancers.

You can display any field in your profiles and add as many search filters as you like, then link to the user’s public profile or present a map of their locations automatically.

Once is enough

Imagine a public list of your distributors on your site.

Whenever you update their profile in the CRM (adding a new skill or updating regional responsibility), the Directory automatically updates without any action required from you.

Additional Features

  • Create as many directories as you like, save them on any page with a shortcode
  • Specify results order by any parameter, or randomize results
  • Display a geo-coded map of resulting users
  • For sensitive lists, restrict which users can see the directory
  • Link to a user’s public profile for more info
  • Customize look of results for images or other form behavior


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