Use case: Selling to a targeted list

 via email, events, commerce, coupons and reports.

A typical marketing workflow would be to combine profile data such as “areas of interest” with activity history to identify high-value prospects.

Once you have your list, you can email them, give them access to special content, create coupons, etc. all within Presspoint.

Then run a report, analyze the results, refine your message and repeat.


In this example, let’s make some money selling tickets to a special event.

Let’s say I’m a craft beer brewer here in Portland.

I’m hosting a launch party for my new Pilsner next week.

I’ve already created  an event through Presspoint, so let’s take a look at how many ticket sales I have so far.



Run a report to define a performance baseline for campaign evaluation

Show all the people on the system who have bought a ticket to my event in past 30 days. Not many.



Identify a target group based on their profiles

I need to drive sales. So I’m going to use Presspoint to find all the people who

(a) indicated an interest in Pilsner beers and (b) live in Portland

I’ll save this search as “Pilsner Targets”

Create a call to action with a coupon

Next I’ll create a 10% off coupon using Presspoint’s coupon manager. This will allow the customer to add this code during checkout

Create an email campaign and send via MailChimp

Now I’m going to write my email using my monthly template.

I just choose the PDX Pilsner Targets list and fire away.

Note the tracking option to save this email to each users’ Activity History