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Presspoint has auto-responder emails to keep your customer communications strong

Create as many autoresponders as you need, and attach any autoresponder to any form.

In this tutorial, we will create a new autoresponder, then format it, then attach it to a form.

Creating an autoresponder email

From the Dashboard, go to Email >> Email Autoresponders and click “New Email Autoresponder”

  1. Name the email. This is an internal reference, NOT the subject line
  2. Add any content, including rich text and images and merge fields (using the Paw icon in the menu bar)

In the Action Meta, fill in info about the email

  1. Status = Send
  2. Delivery method =  WordPress HTML
  3. Select Recipients = Dynamic Selection
  4. Destination = Send Immediately
  5. Track email = Green check box for yes
  6. Template is not applicable, this is only for MailChimp emails

Click the blue Update button.


Assign an autoresponder to a form 

Each form can be assigned one autoresponder, but one autoresponder can be assigned to multiple forms. 

From the Dashboard, go to Profiles & Forms >> Forms and select the form you want to add an autoresponder to

  1. Find the Autoresponders dropdown below the Submission Options section
  2. Select which Autoresponder you want to be sent whenever this form is completed
  3. Scroll to bottom and save the form

Repeat for any other forms, including Opportunity forms (located at Dashboard >> Opportunities >> Templates)