Step by Step: Creating coupons

 Tempt your users to make the purchase

Presspoint supports coupons to help drive sales. 

Coupons drive sales. You can create percentage off  coupons or an absolute dollar (or your currency of choice) amount.

In this tutorial, we will enable coupons, then create a new coupon with some limits to safeguard against abuse.


Enable Coupons

From the Dashboard, go to Commerce >> Settings and click on the Coupons & Credits tab.

  1. Turn on Coupons
  2. If you want, rename from “Coupon” to something else like “Special Discount For You”

Create a new coupon

From the Dashboard, go to  Commerce >> Coupons, or click from the left hand Presspoint nav, then click New Coupon


  1. Click New Coupon
  2. Give the coupon a name
  3. Fill in percentage or dollar amount: Do NOT use $ or % symbols!
  4. Select if this is limited to certain groups of customers (via Saved Searches) or by product
  5. Select how many times this coupon can be used
  6. Select expiration date for this coupon
  7. Save

User’s perspective of coupon on the front-end. 

Now you can share this coupon. Customers will have the option of entering it when they checkout.