Step by Step: Email Campaigns

 Easy integrated email campaigns without ever leaving your CRM


Email campaigns direct from your CRM with zero list management required.

Write the email, select which of your customer groups you want to get the email, and send. Email lists update by themselves based on the criteria you set in the Smart List that powers the campaign, so you never need to cut and paste a CSV list again.

In this tutorial, we will send an email campaign using MailChimp, all from the Presspoint user interface.



Create an email campaign

From the Dashboard, go to Email, then Email Campaigns. You can either create a new email, or you can edit an existing email.

  1. Give your email a name. This is an internal name, not the email subject
  2. Add any content you like, including rich HTML and images

In the Action Meta, fill in info about the email

  1. Status = Send
  2. Delivery method =  MailChimp
  3. Select Recipients = Select which group is to receive the email
  4. Destination = Send Immediately
  5. Track email = Green check box for yes
  6. Template = The MailChimp template you wish to use

You can preview the email to see what it will look like inside the MailChimp template.

Click the blue Update button to send this email.

Presspoint will connect to MailChimp via the API, and in 2-4 seconds it will print a receipt ID in the metabox to confirm Send or Fail.

Saved to Profile History

Because we checked “Save to history”, this email was saved as a history item to the profile of each user who received the email.

You can view it from the user’s perspective, or you can do a User Report for Single Email that says “show me everyone who I sent this email to”


If the email did fail, you can troubleshoot by going to System Information via the Dashboard dropdown to get the full error message from MailChimp.