Step by Step: Importing users

 Importing users & transactions from your old CRM or spreadsheet

Presspoint has an easy import and export tool. It’s your data!

You can import both users and actions into Presspoint via CSV files.

In this tutorial, we will import a new batch of users and a batch of sales history.

Note: For security reasons, the import feature has been is disabled in the BIG Brewery demo site.

Preparing the Presspoint profile

Before you import your data, you must have a corresponding field in Presspoint for each field in your CSV. You cannot create fields from the Import UI, you have to do it in advance.

If your data only has name, email and address, etc. then you are ready to go, but if you have a custom field in your old system, then go into your Profile and add a new custom field.


Preparing the CSV

Presspoint imports “flat” CSVs. That means you must remove any relational values from your import CSV. The easiest way to do this is with VLOOKUP commands in Excel to replace the relational value with the actual value.

For example, if your User table on SalesForce has a City value of “9”, and your City table has a “9=Portland” then do a look up in Excel to replace the “9” with “Portland” on your User CSV.

At the end, you want one User CSV with each import field in its own column, with the field names in Row 1.

Import the CSV

Go to the Dashboard >> User Reports >> Actions , then select Import from the drop down list

  1. Give the import a name
  2. Find your CSV and select it
  3. Click Upload


Presspoint will import the file, and present you with some options.

  1. Choose a field to check for duplicates, then choose how you want to handle any duplicate records
  2. Choose to log or not log this import
  3. Map the fields in the CSV with fields in Presspoint. The Presspoint fields are the ones in the dropdown




Importing transactions and other actions

You import financial transactions and other actions in the same way as importing users. The only difference is which fields you map the columns to.


  1. Prepare your CSV.
  2. Presspoint treats every row as a separate transaction.
  3. Upload as above
  4. Map your fields to the ITEM fields in the Mapping drop downs
  5. Import as above



Importing organizations vs. individuals

The default import will save a user as an Individual. If you wish to import organizations, you must specify the User Type as a column in your Import CSV.

You MUST use three letters and only lower case for the database to recognize the type.


ind   individual

org    organization


If you have a mix of organizations and individuals, make sure you identify each row’s user type using one of the above codes

Important notes on importing

Presspoint’s import is very powerful, but there are some limitations based on your hardware.

Most hosts have an automatic time-out for scripts, which include the import script you’re running here.

If your import times out, then you can view how far the import got by clicking the View Results link. Then just edit your CSV to remove the users already uploaded and repeat until all are imported.

You can also see how far your import goes until the time-out, then batch your users in that approximate number.

We have successfully imported thousands of records at a time, how many you can handle really depends on your hosting provider.


Disable Geolocation to reduce processing time

One of the features that adds to the processing time is geo-location of your  users. If you don’t care about geo-location, you can disable this feature by going to Dashboard >> Content Settings >> Map Generator and toggling “Enable Geolocation”