Step by Step: Setting up MailChimp

 Connecting to the industry-standard bulk email provider


Presspoint uses MailChimp to send email campaigns powered by your queries & content

You just need to setup MailChimp once, then you can manage all your campaign settings from Presspoint.

In this tutorial, we will configure your MailChimp account, set up Presspoint, then connect the two in a 2-way sync.



Preparing MailChimp

First, you’ll need a MailChimp account. It’s free up to 2000 users. Once you’re logged in, you will need to do the following

  1. Define a List to sync with
  2. Create a “Code your own” template
  3. Copy your API key to the clipboard

Select a MailChimp List

Presspoint syncs with a single MailChimp list. If you already have an account with users in a list, that is no problem. You can export them from MailChimp and import them into Presspoint in just a couple of clicks.

Create a “code your own” template

Presspoint looks for a Code your own template.

Click on “Templates” in the main menu and when the page loads, look up at the top-right and click “Create a Template”. Next, you’re going to want to “Import” a template. Download the template we’ve provided and upload it through the form. Once you’re done, you can edit to your heart’s content – add images, text, whatever – just know that the main content area is where your content will go when you’re creating emails inPresspoint When finished, click “Save and Exit” in the bottom right of your screen.

** Note that in order for Presspoint to properly insert content into your MailChimp template, Presspoint needs to know what it’s called. MailChimp identifies editable content like this <div mc:edit="main">Your Content Here</div> – make sure that your main content areas is called “main”.

Copy your API key 

  1. Navigate to Account >> Extras >> API keys
  2. Create a new API key and copy it to your clipboard


Setup Presspoint

Go to the Dashboard then Email Settings. Click on MailChimp Settings

  1. Turn on MailChimp email
  2. Set sync default to On
  3. Select if you want to require users to confirm their subscription
  4. Paste your API key from the Clipboard
  5. Save
  6. Presspoint will query MailChimp and present all available lists on your MailChimp account.
  7. Choose which List you want to sync.


You can sync any profile field to MailChimp. This can be useful if you want to create other groups on MailChimp, for example, if you wanted to use MailChimp Automation, you can sync a profile taxonomy to MailChimp, then use that field to power a Group, which is turn powers an Automation.


Sync your users 

You only need to do this one time. After your lists are sync’d, then new users are automatically added to MailChimp.

There are two ways to do this initial sync.

  1. Export users from Presspoint and import into MailChimp
  2. Do a bulk edit in Presspoint


Export and Import

  1. On Presspoint, go to User Reports >> Actions >> Export and export all your users to a CSV
  2. On MailChimp, go to the List you’re syncing, then select Add Subscribers >> Import users.
  3. Select Import from CSV or TXT file
  4. Browse to the export CSV and import your users to your MailChimp list.

Presspoint bulk edit

  1. On Presspoint, go to User Reports, then run a query to show all your users
  2. Click on the Edit tab, and select all the users by checking the checkbox at the top of the User list
  3. Open the User Profile accordion
  4. Scroll down to “Subscribe to email”
  5. Enable the edit by toggling the red X to a green checkmark
  6. Select YES from the dropdown
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click EDIT
  8. Your users will now by sync’d with the MailChimp List

Again, you only need to do this once. After this sync, all new users will be added automatically with no action required as long as their profile says “Subscribe to email”