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Apr 17 2014 @ martin 3 Comments

Hey Frank,

is there an easy way I can display the latest event (via PauEvents) on another page? Would be very helpful.

Thank you

3 thoughts on “Display latest event in PauEvents

  1. martin martin says:

    Great, thank you! Is there any way I can modify the output (let’s say I’d want to have some more details and not put it in the , e.g.) or particularly chose “starting date” or “fee” by php?

    1. hi Martin,

      there isn’t currently a way to modify the output but we can very easily add a filter rather quickly and build out the preferences over time.

  2. hi Tino,

    sure, you can use the shortcode [pe_upcomings limit=””] where “limit=” will let you set how many items to return.

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Mar 18 2014 @ Lisa West 4 Comments

My client has asked for the ability to ‘Tell a Friend’ in the Event detail page. Just a button (different color than the purchase button) that says ‘Tell a Friend’ and opens a panel or goes to a page where they can enter a message and a few email addresses and have the URL sent in an email to their ‘friends’. The URL would point back to the Event page.

4 thoughts on “Request for new feature in Events

  1. Hey Frank … I checked with my client and she is all for using the social media instead of adding a new ’email a friend’ function. I know I can pull a plugin for the share icons … is there a way I can hook it into the event detail page? In the right-hand column, right under the detail table and above the google map?

    1. sounds great, thanks for circling back, Lisa!

      I’ll open up a couple of hooks on the theme components for events and update you as soon as it’s done.

  2. That’s a good point, Frank. I think my client is thinking that her clientele are not necessarily hooked into the social media arenas; except in a personal aspect. She is targeting the medical industry (nurses, etc) and would like those that register for her events to be able to send a link to the even to their co-workers; whom they may not be connected to via Facebook, etc. Or a manager might send the link to all their nurses who they want to attend the event. I guess it’s possible, though, that they may not have all the email addresses readily available.

    Let me revisit this with my client and see what they think.

    Thank you!

  3. thanks Lisa,

    should this action be tracked in any meaningful way? (ie. the emails be added to the database AND/OR the action be tracked and attributable to the sender?)

    it’s a useful feature but I’d like to understand (if possible) your collective thinking on how this would exceed the capabilities provided by the various social sharing services.

    thank you as always!

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Mar 03 2014 @ Anders Kühl 2 Comments

Hi Frank and others 🙂

Im trying to change the start day of the week.

In pauevents-functions line 465-477 I can see the List of week days – And can list the “week” as I want to (M;T;W;TH;F;SA;SUN) ,
If I change the list to start Mondays instead of Sundays – The date in the calendar will change to…
So Monday the 3 of march will change to Monday 2 of march.

Which function is hooked up to this? – cant figure it out, and would like to change the days of a week (M;T;W;TH;F;SA;SUN) but still render the correct date.


2 thoughts on “First day of a week!

  1. hey Anders,

    right now this is a hard-coded value. we’ll probably open that up in a future release as we add related functionality to it. in the meantime, please look out for an email from me regarding translation files and some other requests you have made.

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Feb 20 2014 @ John Voth 1 Comment

I have created 10 events in the events module.
Each event occurs over a five day period i.e.: M,T,W,Th,F
Each day of each event has a start and stop time of 9am and 6pm.

On the page for one event, the start and stop times are listed on the right hand side of the page and it looks like this:

Start: March 10 2014 9:00 AM
End: March 14 2014 6:00 PM

I have received feedback from a user telling me that this display of information is unclear and confusing.

Is there any way of increasing the granularity of the event details?

It would be nice to format the event details something like this:

Event Name:
Event Starts: March 10
Event Ends: March 14
Daily Start Time: 9:00 AM
Daily End Time: 6:00 PM

One thought on “Events summary page displaying incomplete start and stop times

  1. really appreciate the feedback, John.

    will apply this and push out this update in the coming days. I’ll be in touch directly with an update if you’d prefer to install the patch immediately.

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Feb 19 2014 @ John Voth 4 Comments

I have noticed that the Events module does not inherit the styling of the site theme.

Is there a simple way of getting it to take on the theme of my site so that its appearance is consistent with the rest of my site?

4 thoughts on “Events Module display styling?

  1. It’s an acceptable solution at this time.

  2. It looks like the events module is ignoring a couple of my site’s theme features.

    There is a missing red banner called “small_banner”.

    There is no way of adding in the sidebar nav panels.

    For example, on the events page just before this:
    div id = “pe-calendar-wrapper”

    I would like to see this: section class = “small_banner”
    which is a part of my theme that generates the full width red banner.

    1. Thanks, John.

      Yes, under Events > Event Settings and on the Display tab, you can drop in any HTML code you need to wrap the calendar and add styling to the header or footer.

      The header HTML appears just before

      and the footer appears just after that tags closing.

      Does this help?

  3. hey John,

    I took a look at your site and it looks pretty close. Is there something specific that was causing a problem with modifying the styling? In general, we’ve tried to be as unobtrusive with styling so that any CSS tweaks are minimal.

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Feb 15 2014 @ Anders Kühl 7 Comments


Im using u’r events plugin.

I have a problem – It doesn’t associate the date format from wordpress ‘months’ (Danish atm)

So I looked into events – and found arrays ($months) in pauevents.navigation (line 138 ) and pauevents.functions php (line 12) files.
If i change does to my native language monthly names – but no events with show up in ‘calendar view’/ ‘all months view’ etc.

In pp.function.php there is a main function for wp-calendar (line 24) shouldnt it grab the date format choices from WP?

So in a nutshell – i can’t change the months names to my own language, without loosing the ability to see planned events.


7 thoughts on “Name of month – view all

  1. Anders,

    I have just sent you an update via email.

    1. Thnx alot – found it 🙂

      But it would still be nice to hook your calendar function with wordpress’s date format – I still have issue with Y-m-d formats – and if i changes does references in php to d-m-Y – all events are missing.


      1. hi Anders,

        glad we were able to resolve the initial problem. Regarding WordPress’ date format – do you simply mean how the date displays on each front-facing individual event page? Or do you also mean how the date is inputted when creating an event?

        Can you clarify and also, expound on any additional features you’d like to see here?


        1. Both issues.

          Front facing IEP’s and Creating events…

          I do understand the reason for using the Date format “iso standard 8601”
          But here in scandinavia – we write our date recording to ‘date-month-Year’

          So from my pov, it looks backwards (the standard) – Frontend and backend 🙂
          It gives me some issues when importing users from csv and using date fields – have to change from d-m-Y to Y-m-d or the import will fail.

          So thats why i wonder if its possible to tie/hook date and time format to wordpress (you have the options to set those under settings -> general)

          For me and hopefully a lot of other people from around the globe (the just need to buy/try your wonderfull plugin), it would be so nice – and never more an issue to you, me or anyone else 😉

          And a quick side note- regarding u’r plugin – I’m missing a pot file for pau-events.
          Its better than translating directly in php code 🙂

          Im off to bed – 02:00 here – running on a 24 hour clock (never figured out AM/PM)


          1. hi Anders!

            firstly, you are correct again about translation – .pot file coming to you ASAP.

            regarding the data display, already have a patch in progress to tie the presented dates to both the WordPress site settings and also working on display using a 24 hour clock.

            for the backend input of dates, the ISO standard is how WordPress sees dates at the database level so, we’ve defaulted to that but we do have some flexibility on how that appears. we’ll concentrate on the frontend view first and the backend view second.

            at a data level – and especially for the imports – we’ll look into translation protocols but for now, user and transaction import dates are processed and stored by WP using the ISO standard. I’ll keep this in mind as we come into the next couple of releases to see where we can’t do some auto-detection.

            that said, thank you for the kind comments about the plugin!

  2. Thx 🙂

    And thx for deciphering my scribblings 🙂


  3. Anders,

    terribly sorry about that – you are correct, that is our omission. I’ve made the correction and if we aren’t able to push an update in the next 48 hours, I’ll contact you by email with an immediate update.

    thank you for calling this to our attention.

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Feb 14 2014 @ Lisa West 3 Comments

When we list our events on the /events/ page it defaults to the current month’s events. Is there a way to default to ‘all months’?

3 thoughts on “PauEvents Page – Change Default List?

  1. That worked! Thank you Frank.

  2. scratch that. yes, did you set your default timeframe to the current year under Events > Settings > Display (tab)?

  3. There isn’t a way to do that just yet but it should be easy to do and we have a pending release for the Event calendar anyways!

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Jan 24 2014 @ Lisa West 14 Comments

We would like to display our event calendar in a section of our home page. Do you have a shortcode developed that would allow us to place the calendar in a non-paupress page? Or even php code that we could put in our page template that would load all the correct files in order for the pauevents_do_calendar() function to work?

14 thoughts on “Events Calendar Widget or Shortcode

  1. So nice with the shortcode.

    Can I limit it…
    So it only shows the next 5 upcoming events?


  2. Got it updated and added the shortcode … works beautifully. Thank you for all your help!

  3. Thank you Frank. I spent time with GoDaddy techs, reset file permissions on the Upgrade and Plugins folder, deactivated plugins and re-saved the PauEvents license. Still receiving the error. I even went back to our development installation, re-added the license information and tried to update it there … same error.

    In the Plugins listing it says that the PauEvents is not eligible for automatic updates. I thought maybe all automatic updates were deactivated but was just able to update Gravity Forms automatically. We are running WordPress 3.8.1.

    At this point I have spent 2 hours trying to figure this out. I think I will just do a manual upgrade. Where can I get the code? Do I need to go through the cart again?

    1. Just emailed you info. we’ll sort this out today.

  4. I suspect it is because we moved our WordPress installation to a new domain yesterday. Do we need to have our license reset to the new domain?

    1. I don’t thinks so. did you put your Events license key into the correct field? It’s not the same as your Pro key – under the Events menu, there’s a settings page for your license.

      If that is all good, go to Dashboard > Updates and hit “check now” a couple of time. there might be a caching issue.

      I did just do an update (again) on another of our installations and all is good so, it sounds like a local problem. I’ll watch this thread and get you updated.

  5. Thank you Frank! However, I am getting the following error when I try to update the Events plugin.

    An error occurred while updating PauPress Events: Update package not available.

  6. Thank You Frank! That works great for us!

    1. ok, Lisa.

      pushed the update. here’s the relevant details for immediate use:
      shortcode is [pe_upcomings] and the function is pe_upcoming_events()

  7. Great! Is there a way to get ahold of the code for the upcoming list shortcode ASAP? We’d like to start with the list and change to the calendar in February.

    1. hey Lisa,

      we were planning on pushing the calendar update today, which will have the shortcode in it. I’ll update you on our progress by end of day. let me know if that timeline doesn’t work for you.

  8. hey Lisa,

    sorry about the delay in getting back to you but we just completed a sprint to do the upcoming list as a shortcode and we should have what you’re looking for in the next release. that should be coming in february.

  9. So I tried just putting pauevents_do_calendar() function into the page template but that didn’t work so well … although it was close. I guess what we need is an event calendar shortcode or widget.

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Jan 14 2014 @ martin 4 Comments

Hey Frank,

I am very interested in the Events add-on. But: I would need two instances of it, because there are two categories of events displayed on two different pages. Before I buy it I would like to know if the Events add-on already capable of doing this (or if it would not be very difficult to modify it into that direction in your eyes)?

Thank you very much!

4 thoughts on “Event categories

  1. hey Martin,

    just emailed you a general request to review your installation. However, regarding “just show all events” – we don’t have that feature but could create it fairly easy. what’s the use case?

  2. martin martin says:

    Oh and a last thing: Is there a “built in” way to show ALL events as a default value instead of only a certain year? Thanks!

  3. martin martin says:

    Hey Frank,

    thank you. I’ll think of it! By the way, I encountered another problem:
    I just bought the Events addon. I updated the permalinks (tried all options) as described in another support request, but it did not help. As soon as I am trying to change any viewing mode after calling the events plugin, there is always the [mysite]/INDEX.PHP/events/… missing, which seems to be necessary. How can I fix this?
    Besides, you mentioned above that by now I can “filter by category”, but HOW can I do that? A documentation on the events plugin would be really necessary!!

  4. hey Martin,

    thanks for the question!

    the events add-on doesn’t handle display of different calendars pre-filtered at the moment. You can filter by category and link to the main calendar with the generated URI, however, while that’s probably useful to know, it won’t likely satisfy the presentation you’re after.

    Creating an embedded calendar via shortcode isn’t terribly difficult to accomplish – the basics are there – but it would be something that we’d have to tackle as opposed to showing you how to create it using the APIs. I don’t know yet when we’ll get to that as part of core but the option is always there to re-prioritize development as a sponsored engagement if you can’t satisfy the functionality using other means.

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Jan 10 2014 @ Steve Borsch 2 Comments

Presented the new site and all-things-Paupress to the board of my non-profit client. To say they were thrilled with what Paupress can do is an understatement. Big testimonial to your leadership and work, Frank!

While demo’ing the website—and showing off the responsive capability—several people whipped out their iPhones, various Android phones, an iPad and an Android tablet in order to view the site.

Everything worked great until we came to the Events page (i.e., PauEvents) and the meeting-goodness ground to a halt: Clicking the event map on one of the mobile devices might:

a) Launch the map app (which is the desired behavior)

b) Open the non-responsive, in-browser lightbox version of the map (which looks great on a laptop or tablet but is unusable on a phone) and it would not launch the map app.

This caused great consternation amongst the board members because they, like all of us do, are heading to an event at the last minute expecting they can click some link and view a map on their way to the event.

The devices used for the the unusable map view in-browser was on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung tablet…both running Jelly Bean. Another Android phone running an unknown version opened Google Maps. My iPhone 5S (iOS 7) also launched Google Maps but I was viewing the site in Chrome for iPhone. I quickly deleted the app, pulled up the site’s Events in Safari, and it also didn’t launch the Apple Maps app but rather loaded in-browser.

It would be great to have a way to have a method to:

1) Have the map be responsive in the lightbox

2) Have a CSS class to only show a map link in the @media phone view size

3) Forget all of that and tell them all to go and buy a Tom-Tom GPS at Best Buy (because dedicated GPS devices are dying anyway…and the deals are probably good)!


2 thoughts on “PauEvents: Clicking the event map on mobile device

  1. That sounds great. Personally I’m not sure how that would work along with the ability to click on the map in a computer browser and launch in-browser, but that’s why you make the HUGE bucks! 😉

  2. hey Steve,

    really appreciate hearing that, thanks for the good news on the site review.

    regarding the map… ouch. sorry about that. let’s fix it!

    I personally like the humor for #3 but…

    why don’t we integrate microformats so that mobile browsers correctly take you to the map application whether you click on the address or the map? we’re due for a release on the calendar so I’ll put this on the to-do list as it’s relatively easy to implement.

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