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Nov 21 2017 @ Sas Lyon 1 Comment
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I would like to request to cancel my subscription effective today.


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  1. Sas,

    confirming cancellation of your subscription.



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Jan 02 2015 @ Brian Smith 2 Comments
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Last one, I swear.

There is a profile field type called “plugin” which, so far as I can see, displays the output of a plugin. However, it’s not clear if this means a WordPress plugin or some other kind of plugin? Either way, how does one invoke the desired plugin when inserting a plugin field into a profile or other form?


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  1. Awesome. Thanks, Frank!

    -Roy (not Brian)

  2. good question!

    it’s a Presspoint plugin whereby you can execute PHP code on a profile. When creating the field, insert the callback to the function you want to execute in the “Choices & Defaults” input and that should do it.

    Plugins take several arguments by default depending on the context. For your case, in the user profile it will take certain specific arguments. If you’re digging into the code, check out the function ‘paupress_address_markers’ located in presspoint/users/paupress-user-plugins.php near the end. That should give you a basic sense of what’s passed.

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Jan 02 2015 @ Brian Smith 1 Comment
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I would like to edit the templates used by Presspoint to output panel pages. Is this option available? I’m imagining a situation where Presspoint has template files much like themes do, and I could perhaps edit or override them without breaking future updates.

If it doesn’t work like that, how about being able to register filters and actions that modify or respond to Presspoint panel actions?

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  1. Good suggestions. I would be interested in hearing the use case to better understand the desired outcome. As you’re probably seeing in Presspoint – there are many ways of doing something that are not exactly expected. It may indeed be that you can accomplish what you need to within the latter scenario but that’s not always the case. With that in mind, we’re a ways from a templating system for forms – you generally won’t find that with many form generators as they depend upon certain conditions for form processing that standard them tags don’t require.

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Jan 02 2015 @ Brian Smith 1 Comment
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Howdy Presspoint Crew,

This is Roy. I have gathered up a list of bugs and unexpected behaviors in Presspoint that I’ve discovered as I work with it this week. I’ve listed the Mission Critical ones first because we’re going to have some trouble using Presspoint to run our site if they aren’t addressed or fixed in the next month or so. The others are less critical for us.

Also, please let me know where user error is in this list. 🙂 The documentation for Presspoint is still quite sparse, and several functions are difficult to use because it’s not clear how to use them or how to accomplish certain things without experimentation.


* In events, Calendars cannot be selected for the event.
– Tom said we could get a special change to Presspoint that exposes the Calendar UI for our site. I sent an email about this around Dec 30 (or so) and haven’t heard back yet.

* User Reports report set to match “any” returns all users in database regardless of search criteria
– Tried to set a smart list where it matches all users who have one of two receipts/invoice titles. When set match type to “all,” returned all users in DB. When set to “any,” returned 0 users, which was the expected behavior.

* Forms that are set with blank “From” and “From Name” fields submit without sender information. The “From” and “From Name” fields remain blank despite the tool tip’s claim that it will be filled in the with current user’s name and email address.
– Also, the submitted question is not associated with the logged in user who submitted it
– Presspoint creates a new user with random username and [random-username]@noreply.invalid email address instead. I did confirm that I was logged in as my tester user after submitting the form.


* All PauPress short codes always output a blank space, even if the alt attribute is set.

* Frontend UI > Show panel launcher seems to do nothing when checked.
– Tried changing the where panels will appear (#content), which is main content div in our theme.
– Tried switching to Twenty Eleven theme defining the panels to appear in body. Still no joy.

* User-added member profile attributes of type “date” treated as string in reports
– I added a profile field for users called “office hours subscription expires” and made it of type “date.” When I tried to run reports on it, the report interface treats it as a string rather than as a date. I would like to be able to have a smart list return users whose subscription expiration date is in the future.

* Receipt/Invoice that is dated in the future never matches reports.
– If you date a receipt/invoice as in the future, the only way to find it again is to look in the User history of the user it was assigned to.
– I imagine that once reality’s date catches up to the receipt date, it will appear

* Global restricted content message doesn’t stripslashes() the output of the message title.
– Made a global restricted content title for Pages with the word “You’re” in the title. Output to page was “You’re”. This didn’t happen with a local message.

* If Frontend UI > Embed panels on page is not checked, the frontend profile view URL returns only a 404 (


* Generally, Presspoint does not do form validation or warn of undesired results.
– No warning when one has made changes to a page then navigates away without submitting changes.
– No warning or validation of invalid date entry for events. Event simply does not appear on calendar and there’s no clue as to why.
– No warning that setting an invoice/receipt date in the future will make it unfindable in reports

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  1. hi Roy,

    thanks for taking the time to compile and organize this. Rather than force a dialogue through the support ticket system, would you kindly respond to me directly via email from this ticket reply?

    Additionally, if possible, it would be good to have a login to your system to investigate your searches as they are. Let me know your thoughts on this.

    I’m confident that the events and form issues we can resolve quickly. The search issue is something I’ll have to look deeper into to get a better grasp on timing.

    Thank you.

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Dec 30 2014 @ Tom Williams 1 Comment
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Just running through the process again

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  1. did you get this? I never saw the email for you on this ticket either. Can you try and reply via commenting on this ticket?

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Dec 20 2014 @ Sean Openshaw 1 Comment
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How can I add a field that is not in the Merge Tags list?
I need to be able to tell each individual person a specific code I created for them
This is critical.

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  1. Sean,

    if you are storing the code in a profile text field, then you can include it in a merge tag. Were you wanting to include a dynamic code generated elsewhere?

    In case this is the first response you see from me, we are triaging tickets due to an email issue over the holidays so, forgive the extraordinary delay on responding to your tickets.

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Dec 20 2014 @ Sean Openshaw 1 Comment
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I found the issue. I needed to check ‘reports’ on the data type.
I tried to comment on the ticket I submitted but couldn’t.

You should check out why I can’t make a comment to a ticket.

I guarantee I’m going to have more issues.
I’m under deadline to get this working.

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  1. hi Sean,

    First, let me apologize on the delay in getting back to you. With the holidays, we had some email issues that weren’t able to be resolved and we didn’t receive the notification on your support tickets.

    I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue but regret the frustration it caused. Additionally, I am looking into the issue with being able to comment. We haven’t had that issue occur with any other tickets so I may upgrade that to it’s own issue and get back to you via that mechanism.

    In any case, we’re seeing the most up-to-date issues come in now and we’re responding as fast as we can.

    Thanks for the patience.

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Dec 20 2014 @ Sean Openshaw 0 Comments
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I’m trying to set up the profile with basic categorization. In each profile I need to be able to select an event the user participated in (not a presspoint ‘event.)

I created a taxomony (which I want) for events
I entered 2014 Microsoccer, 2014 Hockey, 2014 Turquoise Ball
In the profile, I can indicate which event the user attended.

Problem is I can’t search by that.

I tried creating a user field but can’t get it to present with the same list.

super frustrated.

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Dec 15 2014 @ Brett Henrichsen 1 Comment
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Hi, I just purchased an annual subscription to Presspoint, thinking that it *must* do what I wanted, but I’m seeing maybe I assumed… My #1 reason for a CRM solution right now is getting a quick report of customers that have spent the most on our store – i’d like to be able to easily and quickly get a report of my top customers by how much they’ve spent on our store. Can Presspoint do this? Or did I goof?

Thanks for your help!

Brett Henrichsen

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  1. hi Brett,

    saw this and your other request come through. We try and get to all support requests immediately but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours during peak times – sorry if that caused you some stress.

    Presspoint can do this but it won’t be a direct route, per se. You’ll first, of course, want to run your store with Presspoint and then, when you run your reports, you’ll have to select the amount that represents the cutoff for your top purchasers.

    So, for example, if your top purchasers likely spent > $500 you would search for all receipts & invoices that were >= $500

    This isn’t, of course a pre-set search parameter though you can save it as a saved search and you’ll have to fine-tune it to get the requisite number of top performers but it can work. Where we see common applications is where the store owner or business has a set threshold for defining a “gold” customer and then they simply make the query like I illustrated above, save it and then they have a ready-set list of their best customers.

    You can further limit that query by time and other parameters (eg. show me everyone who has spent >= $500 in the last 6 months).

    Hope this helps!

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Nov 10 2014 @ Georgette Yakman 1 Comment
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Hi, I am trying to create a profile form field where the user can choose multiple answers. We want teachers to choose the grade levels they teach, and some will need to choose, say, 4th grade and 5th grade. I tried Taxonomy, but it only seems to allow me to choose something like Posts or Pages, etc., for Content. This doesn’t make sense. I want to create my own fields that can be chosen by the client.
I tried using Radio Buttons and Select Text and those only allowed the client to select one answer. Then I tried Multi Text and that seemed to work, and on the client page it showed that I could choose several answers, but above each choice they all had a box that had “Value” listed inside it. Then when I went to save my answers, the form defaulted to the first answer I chose. So, I’m basically asking- how the heck do you create a multiple-answer form? Thanks, Sarah

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  1. hi Sarah,

    sorry for the frustration but you do want to create a “taxonomy” for your checkboxes. Once you do, then you can add terms to that taxonomy (eg. options), which will then be available.

    It’s a bit clunky as this is a carryover from the 1.x series, however, we’re working to improve the UI very soon. The upside of using this particular approach is that it allows you to have a very tight integration between your users and your content.

    hope this helps!

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