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Nov 21 2017 @ Sas Lyon 1 Comment
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I would like to request to cancel my subscription effective today.


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  1. Sas,

    confirming cancellation of your subscription.



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Sep 15 2016 @ Miguel Urriza 0 Comments


I´ve just purchased a presspoint license and would like to know what I need to do to register a development server.


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Sep 13 2016 @ Ron Hays 0 Comments

PressPoint stooped working on our website at 11:00 am today. It says license has reached limit. Please respond immediately. Ron Hays

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Sep 09 2016 @ Nathan Porter 0 Comments


I didn’t find that Presspoint met the needs of our organization. It seems that Salesforce may be the only platform that will work for us. Please cancel and refund my product subscription. Thanks!

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Sep 09 2016 @ Cora Leech 0 Comments

Hi, we are looking for support in implementing the PressPoint CRM due to staff turnover. Do you offer consulting services? Please contact me at Thanks, Kristen

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Sep 07 2016 @ Peter Church 0 Comments

We are getting a fatal error. We have had many problems with the Presspoint plugin including the plugin deactivating itself. I have to check on this site pretty much every day to make sure that the plugin has not deactivated making our non profit site unusable.

Here are the error details:

Type Zend Compile-Time Error (E_COMPILE_ERROR)

Message require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/home/stressp2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/presspoint/fields/pp-list-table.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’)

File /home/stressp2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/presspoint_backup/fields/pp-field-table.php
Line 6

Type Description This type of error indicates that the PHP code is violating a restriction enforced by PHP. An example of such a violation is trying to use a reserved word for a class or function name.

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Hey there.

We are currently setting up our different types of organizations and individuals. A key feature for us when using the system, is that we need to add individuals to organizations, so the individuals can be found by searching for the organization they are added to.

When adding individuals to organizations using ‘relationships’, this is not possible. Is there another way that we can do it?

Also, when adding individuals/organizations to PressPoint, they automatically get a welcome mail from WordPress. Can we disable this for users added through PressPoint?


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Aug 25 2016 @ Peter Church 0 Comments

FYI, this is what I am seeing when I run the cat command on my linux shell for the file


This definitely is a malicious file. Please advise, as we do not have access to a clean version of this file. Thank you

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Aug 25 2016 @ Peter Church 1 Comment

I have found a malicious file – wp-content/plugins/presspoint/utilities/paupress-init.php

What my question is before I tell our security team to clean this file off our server is, is this a file that is supposed to be in the presspoint plugin install? If we do need this file, is there a way I can get a clean version of this file? For most of our plugins and themes that we currently pay for, we have a membership portal where we can download a fresh install of all the files that are part of the plugin or theme. This is very handy if we need to manually update the plugin or manually overwrite a malicious file that has been injected into our file structure on one of our domains. Don’t worry, we are all developers and know what we are doing 😉

Best Wishes,

One thought on “mal file

  1. Thank you for your quick response! Wow, I really thought this was malicious as it fits the pattern of mal files. ie not white space or formating and using the eval_base64 () function.

    Please disregard my next support request message.


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I need to modify the search in a directory.

I want you, If no search results redirect me to a page.

How can I do it?

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